Tempeh, Kimchi & Co.

We currently produce several varieties of high quality tempeh in small batches and supply it to fine restaurants and consumers.

Anything you can do with meat or tofu you can do with Tasty Tempeh. It can be crumbled and cooked for lasagna, pasta or pizza, or seasoned as a taco filling. It can be fried in cubes and used for croutons for salads or a stir-fry. You can cut into slices, marinate and bake for a sandwiches or wraps. You can fry as medallions and cover with sauce for a main course.

Tempeh Umami Burger 2 ks – mražený200 g

5,89 €
  • Novinka

Tempeh z cizrny – mražený200 g

4,99 €
  • Novinka

Tempeh ze sóji – mražený200 g

3,99 €
  • Novinka

Tempeh ze zeleného hrášku – mražený200 g

4,99 €
  • Novinka

Probiotika Superhuman 10 kapslí

11,99 €

Probiotika Superhuman 30 kapslí

31,99 €

Essential Protein, 180 kapslí188 g

38,99 €
  • Novinka

Essential Protein, 30 kapslí30 g

7,99 €
  • Novinka

Předplatné aplikace Synctuition

11,49 €